Friday, October 2, 2009


Autumn...that time of year when the air is crisp and the days are but short sunny interludes between long, frosty, star filled nights; and it seems that all creatures, man and beast alike busy themselves in preparation for winter.
I have long said that this my favourite time of year.

From a business point of view, I have by now toiled through most of my selling season and can now take stock, of my performance so far; before going into the last quarter of 09 as they say.
I say "my performance" because in the business of Real estate sales, success or failure is largely up to the individual.
One can cite the lagging economy, or Real Estate cycles, or whatever external forces they wish; but the truth of it is, you need to ride the cycles and learn to "roll with the punches". Oldsters like me adapt and carry on, thus managing to survive in this fickle "feast or famine" business.
(I personally wouldn't trade it for anything)

So getting back to my favourite time of year, I think that there's something about fall that speaks to the lumberjack in me. After a couple of months of my leisure moments revolving around summer days at the shore and on or in the water; I'm ready for a change of pace and enjoy a retreat to the woods. I've been known to be the plaid shirt wearing, chainsaw wielding, axe swinging type up on "the river" but back in town here I mostly stick to more subdued fall activities equally enjoyable.
Raking leaves, building a garden shed, or simply taking a walk when I can, rather than darting around in an air conditioned truck like I have been.

The recycling retriever and I try to have a good long walk, a couple of times a day when possible. A high point of these forays for Jackson is often the discovery of a coffee cup or plastic bottle which he carries with him the rest of the journey, ears up, head held high and prancing with pride like he's caring a treasure.
After a recent outing of this kind a returned to the office to discover that I had picked up a "treasure" of sorts of my own. Seemingly fused forever to the bottom of my shoe this treasure would not, and could not be dealt with like the water bottle that Jackson skillfully delivered to the blue box.

Each year it seems that I manage to avoid treading on a "land mine" (as they are sometimes referred to) all summer long, but invariably once fall arrives, I fall prey to a skillfully concealed "puppy package", hidden amongst the fallen leaves. Just the right color to blend in, and just the right consistency to give me the sense that the sudden cushion I feel under my step and slight slippage that occurs is merely harmless soggy ground from yesterday's rain.
Undetectable, effective and deadly in their purpose, they are the bane of Autumn pedestrians.

Just a little tip from experience:
If you've walked to work and are rightfully proud of that, and thinking you are going to have a blessed day. You glance down beneath your desk to see leaves sticking out from the bottom of your shoe....leaves don't stick to rubber soles... and your day is about to change !!!