Thursday, April 6, 2017


It was late last summer. I stood there gazing upon my rusty, yet faithful old Ford F-150. It was time to make a change.

Most every Spring I usually performed a "backyard body job" of sorts on my old gray girl, but this, her sixteenth summer, was to be her last spent in my charge.

She'd faithfully towed my boat countless times back and forth to the lake. She'd carried hundreds of signs for  Severn Soundings Team. 

Most importantly, she  safely transported my most precious cargo of all. What? Of course our children, but more often than not,  my companion was Jackson,  my Golden Retriever. I say golden, of course, because of his breed's hair colour, but my wife might suggest that the golden part refers to my pampering treatment of him, but that's another story.

The old truck still ran good, but I had to concede that the body had gotten to the point of unworthiness for the road. I had, of course, for some time now been in search of a suitable replacement, but it seems that good used pickups are like "hen's teeth" and damn pricey when you do find one.

Turning to friends and family for advice it seems that everyone had an opinion. Donna, our office administrator, pointed out how happy I could be with a new Dodge Ram. My youngest daughter Jessie and her boyfriend (both making payments on new vehicles) are true blue fans of the Chevy line and all it has to offer. Overall, the consensus seems to be that I should, for once, reach a little deeper into my pocket and buy something decent. However, anyone that knows me well, understands that my preferred expenditures are  more towards cottages, watercraft, fishing equipment, scotch and cigars (in exactly that order). The idea that a person can get $40,000 or perhaps $50,000 worth of use/value out of a any new vehicle is one that is lost on me.

In the end I was fortunate enough to happen upon a perfectly good, but admittedly well used, 11-year-old Envoy SUV at a price I approved of. While it is not an actual truck, it is a 4X4 Limited Edition GFX model with all the bells and whistles one could want.

In its day it was a top-of-the-line vehicle, but as my style savy twenty-something children point out, it's day has long ago come and gone. So alas, I must endure the barbs and jokes about its full length swirly stripes and excessive chrome, rather than a modern blacked out look  and a dated boxy profile. What do I think?

It's not so bad really. As I listen to vintage rock tunes cranked up on my Bose sound system, relaxing on programmable, powered, heated, leather seats, there is warm sunlight streaming through the sunroof, but it still remains subtle and subdued thanks to the well tinted cabin glass of my luxury ride. I'm gliding down the highway in smooth and quiet cruise controlled comfort.
 I glance into the rear view mirror and see Jackson's grinning face hanging over the backseat. I'm thinking, "Hell no, this isn't so bad!" And then I wonder when is my car payment due? And then I remember I DON'T HAVE ONE! Hey Millenniums, who's savy now?