Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There's an old adage that goes "you are what you eat" meaning good health can be enjoyed through a healthy diet. Maybe we can can also reason that "You are what you think" or more accurately "if you think it; it shall come to pass" ( self fulfilling prophesies of sorts )

I believe we all have a sense that there is some truth to this and can all cite examples relating to health, happiness and even wealth.
Different people look at this in different ways and even if you don't see it as a universal truth, you have to admit that it's helluva coincidence, the way things go some times.

Just look at what happened with the Canadian economy. We were merrily going along, last summer, admittedly spending too much and saving too little; when first we heard that things were not so good in the "states". "Well hold on a minute here, we can't be financially flourishing, when just south of the border, things are so dire."
What followed seemed like a media frenzy bent on a race to report anything negative in this country that seemed to mirror what was happening in the U.S.
Peoples' perception and attitude soon changed and "the rest is history".

I understand that it is a worldwide recession and because of today's marketplace being a global one, we cannot expect to remain unscathed; yet I still have a sense that human nature and ultimately a "law of nature" had a major role in our misfortune.

After a long cold winter, during which everyone seemed to "hunker down"and hibernate, and generally cease to do any new business, I have been hearing reports and noticing an awakening of our marketplace.Even media reports have been cautiously optimistic as of late.
I'm not sure if it's the early spring weather we have been enjoying, or the feeling of rebirth and new beginnings that this time of year seems to bring to our collective consciousness, but I as a realtor have witnessed a recent flurry of activity ....and am damned thankful for it.

But who to thank? and how long will it last? Perhaps just as long as I and the multitudes like you and me, expect it to.
It can't just be that simple can it?
Positive thinking, ....the laws of attraction,....Carma,.... it goes by many names but can be generally found in every culture.
On an individual basis this theory seems to apply just as well.
Over the years I have known many people with many different outlooks on life and I have always made a conscious effort to gravitate towards positive people and distance myself from negative types.
Have you ever known anyone who was truly negative yet enjoyed health, happiness or wealth for that matter?
Not likely.
On the positive side of the equation I can think of many.
Most recently I had an interesting conversation with a elderly couple. Topics ranged from the weather to world events to politics to health, and so on. They had a spirited, yet friendly opinion on everything. They seemed to share a great zest for life and I suspect that very outlook played a part in their longevity. She is 85 and he is 87.
The subject of conversation eventually came around to pets ( as it usually does with me) and they tearfully related to me that they had just 10 days ago euthanized their beloved 13 yr old German Shepard.
They explained to me that they will be adopting another dog soon but were considering an adult rather than a pup this time. My thoughts immediately went to their age; with the average life span of a dog being about 12 to 15 yrs. I "did the math" and assumed what would be their concern. They however went on to explain to me that they simply would prefer to match the new dog's energy level with that of their own.
Now that my friends is a positive attitude and one that we would all do well to gravitate towards.
"All the best to them!" As they embark on the latest chapter ( and likely not the last) of life with their new pet.

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